Services offered

Ebook cover design (published on any website): $50 (USD)

Print cover design: $60 (USD) ( or any mainstream publishing company)

Revamping an ebook cover (you’ve already got a design, but your cousin did it, or you did it on GIMP and you’re not really happy with it, you want some sales, come on!) $40 (USD)

I keep clear communication open via email (and possibly Skype, though I live in Korea) and make timely delivery of product. I would love to say ‘satisfaction guaranteed!’ but I know somebody (hopefully it’s not you) would be super picky and demand a dozen concepts, taking ┬ádays worth of actual design time. If we head through more than 3 concepts, chances are good I’ll refund half your money and leave you with PSD files of everything I’ve done so far.

If interested, please email me: meskebrent @ (remove the spaces, you human-non-spambot you)

I accept Paypal, paper checks (money orders, whathaveyou) mailed to USA, and Amazon giftcards (my editor needs books like most people need oxygen, so I pay him in books).




Cover Design Showcase

Cover Design Showcase

Design work I did after an offer for free design work on a Facebook Group (a Smashwords Book for Everyone). Most of these books are forthcoming.

You can click the image to see more concepts.

If you’re interested in some design, feel free to email me: meskebrent @ (remove spaces to prove you’re not a spambot)